What Is The Darkest Legal Tint In Victoria?

Let’s face it, if you’re gonna get your windows tinted then why not go for the darkest possible. 

It’s a great way to improve the look of your car – if you’re in to aesthetics & good looking cars like we are at Talk Tint.

Let’s not forget to mention tinted windows also improve security, privacy and the heat when Melbourne brings on a scorer!!

But hang-on, there are rules so if you want to stay clear of the law and being pulled over which would ruin your week!

So what’s the darkest tint in Melbourne, Victoria.

35% VLT for the front-side windows, back-side windows and back windows.

What about the front windscreen?

Front window of your vehicle cannot be tinted due to obstructing your visibility when you’re driving. Ahh okay this makes sense.

However, there is some hope here, especially when you’re driving into the sun and you’ve forget your sunglasses.

And here it it… A strip can be applied on the top 10% of your front windscreen but it also has to be above your wipers.. sweet!

What is VLT you may ask?

Stands for visible transmissible light. 35% VLT means 35% of light can pass through the tint on your car window. So the lower the number like 20% the less light can pass through the tint so the darker the tint.

What if I travel interstate?

Okay if you do travel in your car interstate then each state can have different regulations. Damn, I thought we (Australia) were in this together LOL

Where to from here…

Here’s the details straight from the horses mouth if you prefer to read up on it yourself. We can offer all this great advice when you reach out for a quote with us.

Here the offical detials from the 

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