What is The Darkest Legal Tint in Melbourne, Victoria?

If you are thinking about getting your car windows tinted, congratulations! There are many benefits—reduced glare and increased comfort for starters. But also improved privacy and security, as well as a good look overall.

You have to follow certain regulations when you tint the windows of your car. The laws are designed to ensure that you can always see well while driving. Our expert tinters at TalkTint understand these laws we always follow them so there’s no disappointment in the future.

The legal VLT in Victoria, Australia for passenger cars is no tint on your front windscreen, minimum 35% VLT for front-side windows & 20% VLT for back-side windows and back windows.

Laws vary between states so keep that in mind when on a road trip or moving to a new state and taking your car with you. There is also different regulation for Vehicles designed for the carriage of goods and light buses.

What is VLT?

The value of light transmission (VLT) is a percentage that describes how much light passes through the film. For example, A VLT of 35% means that 35% of light passes through the window.

Passenger Vehicles for Melbourne, Victoria.

A. No tinting permitted on your front windscreen, however

B. Tinted band of less than 70% VLT permitted above the wiper arc area or the top 10% of the windscreen (whichever is greater).

C. Minimum 35% VLT for front-side windows.

D. Minimum 20% VLT for back-side windows & rear windscreen if at least one rear vision mirror is fitted to each side of the vehicle.


We hope this article has answered your questions about how dark is too dark for your car. As you can see, there are many different factors that affect the legality of tinted windows on your vehicle. While it is possible to get darker tint than what we’ve discussed here, you should be cautious —it could draw attention from the police.

Resources:  Vic Roads



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